Higher Education and Career Guidance

AHEAD: Access to Higher Education and Development

At The Umkhumbane Schools Project, we believe that learners in our schools are hindered by South Africa’s noticeable lack of effective career and academic guidance for high school learners. While this deficit exists even in well-resourced schools, the hindering effect is far more pronounced in disadvantaged schools, where learners are often the first in their families to pursue higher education. Moreover, South Africa’s higher education application process is fragmented and confusing, making the need for this missing guidance all the greater.

  • expanding learners’ awareness of career options
  • fostering earlier and better awareness of higher education admission requirements
  • assisting learners with the admissions application process
  • assisting learners with the NSFAS funding application process
  • connecting learners with bursary (scholarship) opportunities
  • providing limited, short-term financial assistance to our alums as needed and when possible

Currently, learners who have benefitted from our AHEAD assistance are enrolled in the following Bachelor’s Degree programmes:

University of Cape Town
BEng Civil Engineering*
BSc Sciences (Astrophysics)*
University of KwaZulu-Natal
BComm Accounting
BSc Life Sciences (LES Stream)
BSc Life Sciences (Maths Stream)
BSc Agricultural Sciences
BSc Plant Pathology*
BSc Computer Engineering*
Rhodes University
Bachelor of Pharmacy*
University of the Wittwatersrand (Wits)
BEng Mechanical Engineering (2 students)**

* Asterisks indicate students who are receiving full scholarship funding from The Moshal Scholarship Foundation. The Umkhumbane Schools Project is proud to be an official recommending NGO for this scholarship. We have nominated four additional candidates who have applied for university admission for 2019.